About Us

Hair styles, neatly dressed, trimmed and cared for, have always been very important to black women and men. A head of beautiful healthy hair or a hair style that turns heads bring a sense of pride to our people.

Mary Bolar Washington knew firsthand the pride associated with blacks and their hair. Therefore, inspired by a dream, she founded and began Black & Bossie in 1982. The focuses of the products were: (1) be manufactured specifically for the care and treatment of the multi-textured hair of black people; (2) the products would be made of 100% all natural ingredients.

Further, Mrs. Washington found that her products were ideal for other ethnic groups as well. In 2001, she was the recipient of The Nefertiti Award presented by Sesh Communications and The Cincinnati Herald. Black & Bossie was, and still is, a small family-owned and operated business that is built on the quality of only eight products. However, all of these products speak for themselves. They are exactly what they say they are, “100% all natural”.

We are especially proud of our most popular line that she named Black & Bossie. We owe it to our customers to provide the best; therefore, Black & Bossie is committed to manufacturing quality 100% natural products for their hair. We stand behind the statements describing all of our products. Take a little time and browse through the list of our products, the other services and testimonials, then decide which of our products will best meet your individual hair care needs.



We at Black & Bossie feel we owe our value customers a great product. One that is exactly what it’s said to be. Our product speaks for itself. It’s “100% all natural” !

Our Mission Statement: To manufacture and maintain a foundational base of quality natural hair products and services. Create an environment that projects a positive model in the Black community as well as the community at large. Secure the future as a contributing minority, black family-owned and operated business.