About Us

As a mother of a son and two young daughters, Mary Bolar Washington noticed that harmful chemicals were damaging Black women and girls' hair and self-esteem. That's when she created Black & Bossie® at her kitchen table in 1982
Black & Bossie® continues her legacy by manufacturing all-natural hair care products to inspire confidence for all the ways you express yourself – natural, relaxed, and protective styles. Black and Bossie® - Inspiring Confidence Since 1982™



We at Black & Bossie feel we owe our value customers a great product. One that is exactly what it’s said to be. Our product speaks for itself. It’s “100% all natural” !

Our Mission Statement: To manufacture and maintain a foundational base of quality natural hair products and services. Create an environment that projects a positive model in the Black community as well as the community at large. Secure the future as a contributing minority, black family-owned and operated business.