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Black & Bossie

Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, Ultra Lite Cream Moisturizer, and Braid & Body Oil

$30.00 $30.00

Natural Shampoo, Ultra Lite Cream Conditioner and Braid & Body Oil

I just started using this product a week ago and I absolutely LOVE IT! I am using the moisturizer, scalp oil & shampoo! It smells AMAZING and my hair is so soft! I am NOT natural and love exploring different products! I am also using it on my grand daughter’s hair and will track the progress of growth & health and post an update in 30 days! Love Black & Bossie!!!

Dorese Stewart

I live in Atlanta but I continue to use Black & Bossie hair products! I have ordered them online as well as in stored purchased when I'm in town! I love the braid oil, the ultra-lite creme moisturizer and the hair & scalp oil. they are light with no build-up! These hair care products have been in my life for many years!

Teresa McCreary

Great business nothing but love for the people, also great product.

Johnny Taylor

Best hair products that I've ever put in my hair. Happy to have found you.

Karen Daniels


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