Our Black&Bossie Shampoo has been upgraded ! We actually took out the SULFATE ! That means we reduced the soap content because  too much soap tends to strip and over dry the hair. Our customers love the change !  You won't get alot of lather and foaming, but you will still enjoy the smooth texture and clean feeling and yes the great smell too..!!

Natural Shampoo with Aloe Vera and Biotin Conditioner

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A natural 2-N-1 shampoo and conditioner made with Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Wheat germ, Biotin, Pathenol and Vitamins A, and 85. It helps seal and repair split ends and prevent dryness. The addition of extra glycerin makes this product a great choice for detangling and softening the hair. Black & Bossie Shampoo smells great anti is very gentle. It can also be used as a bath and body wash as well.

Prevents Hair Breakage and Dryness.  Contains Vitamins E, B-5 and Aloe Vera.  No Sulfate.