Our BIO-K stands for Biotin and Keratin. This specialized formulation aids in thickening the hair in thinning spots especially around the edges and hair line.. It swells the hair follicles in the hair shaft to cover those thinning spots..  Now I'm not saying our Bio-K  will grow your hair down your back,, but only it will really help those hard to grow spots...

BIO K Biotin / Keratin Hair Thickening Conditioner

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This combination of Biotin and Keratin is packed with protein enriched hair thickening ingredients that promotes fuller thicker hair. We’re not promising you'll have hair growing down your back, but if you desire thicker-fuller-stronger hair specifically around the hair line and the center, this product is for you! Just Google "Biotin" and read what the experts are saying about this amazing ingredient. It contains Biotin, Keratin, Cystin, Corn oil, Pathenol, Wheat Germ oil, Aloe Vera, Bee Pollen and other natural ingredients ... and you'll love the fragrance too!